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...Hello? Is this working? At all?

[The feed opens on a familiar street of Violet City, somewhere notably outside the gym. The beautiful morning it is, you'd think that nothing's wrong at a glance, but you'd be so wrong.

The voice itself that could be heard just now was possibly unrecognizable, not helped by how the screen isn't facing whoever's holding it; it's pointed a the gym, rather. But then it moves along, going to a group of Pokemon standing around nearby, and a Dodrio, who's three heads all seem curious about the pokegear... or whoever's holding it.

Well, it looks like it's working, right Kuki? Hmm, the Pokegear still being broken would be the least of our worries.

[A worried squawk follows. The voice is mature, but still light, like someone that was just stepping into an adult's shoes. A nice step away from the confusing rush of children on the network, isn't it?

But enough of the scenery, the gear is finally turned over, smoothly revealing... Rakka? Only, she looks like Rakka, albeit from several years down the line. She positions the gear until it's pointed directly on her face.

...Some of you might not recognize me right now. [Hehe. Hair's still a mess, but that smile's one hundred percent her's.] It's Rakka. I guess I wouldn't recognize me either if I suddenly looked like this.

[But therein lies the point. With minor hesitancy, she speaks.] Is... anyone there? Karkat? Ashley? ...Yang? I'll take anyone, really it... feels like I slept for years. So, I just need to know if anyone's still around, okay?

[She'll let that sit for a moment, glance away, and cut the feed.]

Action for Violet City

[Y'know, maybe if this world actually gave them some warning when it was about to get weird, maybe it wouldn't be so bad? Yeah! Rakka could live without some of this excitement; it's not exactly fun to wake up in bed feeling like you've slept through your teens. Still... got to try and look on the bright side!

...It's a nice day? Bluh.

Well, curiosity never really dies down. And she's got on a nice dress she doesn't remember buying. So she sets out on a stroll through the city. She's always got at least one of her roster at her side - yes, even the Phantump because someone's feeling a bit braver. She spends the day talking to the locals, asking people in random shops and Sprout tower about the current weirdness, to not much luck. Mmrrgh.

She can at least try and unwind a little at a cafe she comes across, but her pokemon are getting their share of it. What? She's eating! One, or two bites count.
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[....Boy, it's a bit early to be making a video, isn't it? But it would seem someone's set on it, the way the feed settles on the open window of a room before it's turned around to show... Rakka. She seems rather awake, despite the early hours, peering down at her gear with those big eyes.]

Look at this.

[Quiet voice, Rakka. A simple thing to ask before she moves the screen again, jostling it but actually making it clear that they're going to the window and the gear is heading riiiight through it.

Outside the window was Violet city, obviously quiet and dark at this hour, though not so much now as it used to be. The street lamps provide decent illumination, but that's not what Rakka wanted the gear to see as she turns the gear around so it's facing upwards. Pointed into the dark night sky, you get an impressive view at the expanse of twinkling stars up there.

They're beautiful, right? ...But at the same time they also seem strange. The stars here remind me of the ones back home. I was wondering if any of them are the same, or if I would even be able to tell. [Off-screen, Rakka breaths a quiet sigh.] Maybe not...

[She pulls the screen back into view of her again.] At least I'm getting used to this world now. It's been... [yaaawn] easier then before... Huh?

[Now is the perfect time for a couple of sleepy Doduo heads to poke their heads into the frame and seek attention via tenderly and repeatedly nudging their trainer. Absolutely. It helps sleep-deprived Rakka notice them.]

H-hey, what's wrong? I'm not doing anything...! [Wait, unless she... oops. Whisper time should still be in effect uuhhh] I'll go to bed soon, really...

[And the feed is cut there. Pleasant dreams, Route.]
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[Seems like it's a busy day for the network, and it wasn't about to stop just yet! The feed of the Pokegear's video setting flickers to life, showing a young face fixating on it with her wide, brown eyes. It's likely immediately obvious that this person is new to the world, as the snowy setting of New Bark town sits in the background visible behind her. ]

... O-okay, then that must mean...

[Rakka looks away for a moment, and the sounds of paper being flipped reaches the Pokegear. Looks like Rakka's found a bench to sit on while she slowly, carefully makes her way through her Trainer's Handbook. Flip, flip, oh.]

... So that means it has to be on now. [She says quietly, affirmingly. To herself. Okay, you can do this, Rakka. Just breath in...

Give her a second, she's nervous.

H-hello? Can anyone hear me? [Dumb question, she's trying.] If anyone can hear this... I think I really need some help.

[Her voice trails away a bit, confused and worried.] My name is Rakka, and I'm a Haibane from Old Home, in the town of Glie? I... I was there a moment ago, and now I'm here in... Joh-to? A woman calling herself "Mom" pushed me out of a house, and wouldn't let me back in. A-and now I have this little ball that had a bird inside it!

[Everything blurs together as Rakka moves the screen until it focuses on... a disinterested Doduo, plodding around in the snow, both of its heads trying to snatch snowflakes out of the air.]

... I think she's a bird. [The view returns to Rakka. Her tone has equal parts wonder and anxiety.] But she's also a 'Pokemon' and it's so much bigger then the birds I've seen, and it walks around instead of just flying, and it has two heads...! And now... I'm all alone here.

[She's trying not to panic, oh she is. But it's plain-as-day that she's feeling the stress as she speaks up:]

If anyone can tell me the way to leave this place, or if you know Kana, Hikari, or Nemu... please tell me. I'd really appreciate it! [A slight nod and an added:] Thank you!

[... She doesn't know how to turn this off. Uh. Hang on. She'll get it eventually...]

Around New Bark Town.
[Rakka was positive she'd never been here before... yet, there were a number of similarities that she couldn't just ignore; they were literally standing all around her.

Windwills, turning ever so slightly in the breeze. There's one situated almost in the middle of town, and Rakka's almost instinctively drawn towards it. It's big, noticeable, and it's something she recognizes. Which is comforting because a LOT of things seem to be happening today, and they don't seem to be stopping. She reaches out to touch it, big mistake. Cold! Cold. But real all the same.

So that's where she decides to be right now, standing at the base of one of the windmills, rubbing her hands together and giving a jolting sneeze while she watches those giant blades turn.

It's boring, but something to focus on.

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Feb. 8th, 2016 02:16 pm
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"... Oh, Hi! You're talking to Rakka, but, uh, if you're hearing this then it means I can't answer the pokegear right now. Don't worry. Just make sure you leave a message and I'll reply to it!"

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"Who... am I? What am I here for...?"

An open mingle/call me out post for Rakka and all of her RP AUs I've played.
Just let me know what version of Rakka you want. Any scenario you want to play out is cool too.
Open permanently!
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